Acrylic Gallery

Abstraction, at its purest, defies description. I create paintings. They are about images, not words. It is up to the viewer to bring their eyes and experiences of seeing to the work presented to them and make their own story about “what it means”. There is no correct answer. Certainly my work is non-representational and sings the joys of colors and the different ways they can intersect, be layered, be applied, have pentimento or layer upon layer. That is a description.

A critic looks at an artist’s work and interprets it, often putting it into a framework which places it in a historical context. Certainly, no artist creates in a vacuum. Influenced by the abstract expressionists and Morris Louis, Helen Frankenthaler and Robert Motherwell, and yes, Giotto, among many others, an easy answer is to say that I am a color-field painter. But that is about art history and the need of critics and writers to make groups for understanding. It is not creative, and I do not believe that adds anything to what my work is about. It is simply about mark making in all its glorious permutations and dividing the space, the same thing that my calligraphy and handmade paper is about.

I ask the viewer to come to the work putting aside judgments and without preconceptions, to enter into what is present. I hope that you will find within the paintings connections to experiences and dreams and to find places you have been intellectually and emotionally, places which enthralled you. In approaching the work in this way, my hope is that you will enjoy the experience of looking.