Rona Conti is a painter and Japanese calligrapher whose artwork is represented in public, private and corporate collections, and museums in the United States and internationally.

From the ’60s to the ’80s, her abstract paintings were rooted in observations of the natural world, re-interpreted with a myriad of color and strokes. Her striped and calligraphic marking series were exhibited widely and written about by critics Karen Wilkin, Carl Belz, Robert Taylor, and Kyra Montagu, among others. Both intuitive and intellectual, they celebrate color and line.

In 1999 Ms. Conti began her study of calligraphy with Mieko Kobayashi Sensei and divided her time between Boston and Japan. Upon achieving a certain level of Mastery, Kobayashi Sensei awarded her a pen/artist name 魂手恵奈.. She has exhibited her calligraphy in Japan, China, the United States and Australia.

Ms. Conti continues her calligraphy studies via mail while creating pulp painting artwork including embedded calligraphy. Her explorations demonstrate the perfect marriage of interactions of color, texture, calligraphy, and the non-representational or abstract.